Fairlife Family International Charity Lottery is a Non-Profit-Organization.

The organization of this lottery by the "fairlife family" group is not
driven with a view to profit and therefore presents the fair lottery in an international
legal environment in which the lowest license fees and taxes are to be paid.

Therefore, we can provide the world's highest payout and still
  effort a high contribution to charity in the country,
where these sums have also emerged.

So we can offer the worlds highest chances of winning in order to give
a maximum to the players and to the charity projects.
We do not make multi-million Jack Potts - but many millionaires.

The facts:
- At least 70% payout ratio to players
- At least 15% for humanitarian and caring projects

The remaining part is divided into reserve fund for special drawings (compensation fund),
licenses, organization and execution of drawings as well as securing all payouts.
Surpluses are also directed to payouts and caring projects for the public welfare.

All transactions are monitored on trust by Fairlife parent company
and audited at year-end by established international auditors.
The weekly draws will be every Saturday under notarial
conducted attendance and official announced at
6:00pm (UTC *) - 7:00pm (CET *) - 8:00pm (CEST *).

* CEST = Central European Summer Time
* UTC = Universal Time Coordinated
* CET = Central European Time